Thursday, 5 March 2009

A little cracker!

The safari took off back to Stanley Park, not for gulls on the lake this time but for a rather unexpected visitor - a Firecrest. We have seen these beautiful little birds in the past locally. A few years ago now there were two at Marton Mere nature reserve.
Today's was nowhere to be seen when we arrived but was definitely in the area as it been put out on the rare bird pagers as being seen an hour or so earlier. A small crowd had gathered and we scanned the likely bushes and trees. A couple of Coal Tits were amongst the visitors to the feeding station, along with the more usual Blue and Great Tits. A Treecreeper 'moused' its way up the trunk of a large Willow tree.
Then on of the very experienced local birders picked up the Firecrest's call from the top of a group of tall conifers, a flit in the uppermost branches - a Goldcrest. this flew overhead into another conifer to be followed shortly afterwards by another - this one was the Firecrest and despite it being hidden for much of the time we got short but decent views. After a few minutes it descended to the Brambles down at eye-level and we got stunning views but again only short ones as it darted in and out of cover. What a cracking little bird, those bronzy shoulders and stripey face are just stunning.
In the bag - excellent!
Where to next? The safari could be mobile for a trip further afield over the weekend.
In the meantime let us know what unexpected treasures have you seen in your outback recently.


Nagy Zoltán Gergely said...

I've seen the firecrests among the goldcrests last week thanks to a link on your blog, and evetually thanks to this entry! I got some shots of both, keep up this great blog!
All the best, Zoltan

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Glad to have been of assistance Zoltan..cracking photos you took of the little fella, keep up the good work...nice Sanderlings too!