Monday, 30 March 2009

Wheels still turning...

But not the Land Rover's just yet.
The safari headed out north on a beautiful sunny spring morning after a frosty dawn. Quarry today - reptiles at a quarry. Before that quarry we stopped of at another one where we came across three Peregrine Falcons. This one was the easiest to photograph but was still a long way off, why didn't I walk up to the fence for a closer shot. One was an enormous female. Luckily they don't seem to unduly worry the Jackdaws they share the cliff face with. Probably the Jackdaws gain some measure of protection from their ferocious neighbours.
A Chiffchaff 'chiff-chaffed' from the bushes behind us.

Moving on to our main quarry the sun was shining and in the shelter it was very warm - ideal conditions for our reptilian quarry hopefully coming out of hibernation to take advantage of the sunny conditions.

Amazingly all this was dug out by hand and taken away on horse and cart. A whole mountain moved by muscle power alone. They left this last boulder behind - wonder why?

Probably couldn't find a cart big enough to put it in!

Wild Strawberries were poking through the gravel - we will be back in July....mmmmmm love those tiny little taste bombs.

This is Dogs Mercury, the dog bit means it is useless as in Dogwood, can't burn it or make anything out of it; Dog Rose has only a faint scent, no idea what the mercury bit is.
A Buzzard found a thermal and started soaring in tight circles.

Then another one joined in.

Then another.
Eventually there were blue is that sky? Watching the Buzzards gain height until they were out of sight then a couple of them dropped and started sky dancing was a privilege.

Dog Violets were starting to bloom on the woodland floor. This is the larval food plant for several species of endangered Fritillary butterflies. A large grant for coppicing the woodland has been secured for this area - let's hope it goes a good way to reviving the fortunes of these stunning butterflies.

A glorious but reptile free day still a glad to be alive sort of a day. Just sitting in the sun looking out to sea. A couple of flocks of Oystercatchers and Shelducks flew past the headland where two fishermen were catching small flatfish, probably Dabs or Flounders. A Grey Seal boobed about on the gentle swell in the distance.

Where to next? Anywhere - the Land Rover will be back in action...whooooppppeeeyyyy doooo.
In the meantime what have you found or not found in your glorious outback.

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Babooshka said...

I see you are looking after my dog for me! I haven't a clue about wildflowers,but I can now at least name these.