Friday, 22 April 2011

First mothing session of the year

The Safari was able to get the moth trap out last night, complete with new 'black' bulb. At long last!!!

Nothing special but at least the new bulb scored.

Three Hebrew Characters were in the trap.

A fairly worn Common Quaker too.

There was another very worn thingy that was unidentifyable, possibly another Common Quaker and an escapee! No micros to get us racking our brains, or calling for help!
Here is the darkest (freshest?) of the Hebrew Characters and the Common Quaker.

Where to next? May get out later today to do a bit of birding otherwise it'll be early tomorrow morning - there is the small (lol) matter of the White Stork to sort out - is it still kicking about the estuary???
In the meantime let us know if your pots were filled last night.

1 comment:

cliff said...

Nice to get instant results from the moth trap Dave, I could do with getting one of those, especially as my garden lights have packed in working, I wonder if I can convince the missus that a moth trap would be a good aesthetic replacement.