Monday, 11 April 2011

Wor'appnd to the hot heat?

The Safari took Frank to the beach late yesterday afternoon, it so warm and balmy we coulda been on a beach somewhere in the Mediterranean. The sea was like a mill pond, we’ve seen rougher carpets! Maybe we shoulda taken the bins as well as Frank as we later found out that three Harbour Porpoises had been seen from the southern end of town earlier in the day. This morning was a totally different day. The clouds had rolled in on a cool north westerly breeze and rain threatened. At least it’ll give our sunburnt arms a chance to tan up and recover. Patch 1 was fairly quiet but at 06.00 we have now missed the loudest part of the day. We got two Song Thrushes in the park the one at the top and Butterfly Zone one. The Butterfly Zone also had a singing Chiffchaff – seems to have stuck, and a Blackcap. In the park the Coal Tit has moved from the conifers by the ponds to the ones along the northern edge, perhaps as a response to all the noisy scrotes trashing the area round the ponds over the warm weekend. A Sparrowhawk cruised by put the fear of god in to the Collared Doves. Out on the little footy field by the Golden Triangle Sweet Vernal Grass ( really like that stuff - no idea why, maybe it's because it's so delicate and has such a strong taste) and Meadow Foxtail were in flower and the Golden Triangle itself gave us another Blackcap along with our only Robin of the morning. Out on Patch 2 the sea was choppy and the visibility poor with a mist enveloping the horizon. We managed a little flurry of Gannets, seven then 10 followed by a further two all going south. There plumage shining 'Daz'-whiter than white against the dismal grey sky. The last two engaged in a bit of fishing activity not too far out, near enough to see their entry splash with the naked eye. The dives were at a shallow angle suggesting the fish were near the surface.

Two Sandwich Terns drifted past again southwards. Bird of the day was an immature Shag going past heading northwest out of the river mouth. By mid-morning a cold rain was clattering against the office windows and a lunchtime safari looked dubious. It cleared up just in the nick of time and blue skies prevailed once more although the wind didn’t drop any. Nothing! A couple of small flocks of horrendously distant Common Scoter and a single Sandwich Tern – really glad we didn’t get wet for those. Where to next? There could be dodgy weather for the rest of the week but hopefully a few more summer migrants either marine or terrstrial will be gleaned.

In the meantime let us know whose been using the washing powder in your outback.

No pics today - filled the memory card at the 'do' yesterday and had to go shopping during the rain soaked half of the lunch break.


Warren Baker said...

Ah, but it was nice sunshine while it lasted dave :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hope that wasn't summer Warren!



Anonymous said...

Really interesting blog mate, enjoyed reading it. I was up at Bispham marsh and charlton crem yesterday in the morning, the weather was very dull. Got my first male blackcap of the year will add some pictures to my please feel free to leave a comment.