Sunday, 10 April 2011

North Blackpool Pond Trail officially launched

The Safari was out on duty at the official launch of the North Blackpool Pond Trail at the BEAT Nature Watch stand.

We were ably assisted by our intrepid chairman with one of the Rangers whose stand was next door to ours.

The partnership secured just over £230,000 over next three years, just reward for those that devised the project almost 10 years ago. The grant application process was begun in 2008 - a fair amount of hard work by all concerned. The guilty party for the whole project is the tall young man in the centre of the picture.
The Mayor officially launches the project.

Our local Member of Parliament presented the award to the winner of the logo competition - the young blonde girl next to the Mayor.

During the day we saw a couple of Sparrowhawks, a Buzzard and a Great Crested Grebe. Also heard but not seen were Blackcap, Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler. Butterflies were represented by a Small Tortoiseshell, a couple of Peacocks and a Small White.
These two little Coprinus? toadstools were right outside the marquee.

The Pond Trail will be asking for volunteers to help with the surveying of the many ponds for habitat and vegetation, amphibians and other macro-invertebrates like this Water Scorpion. Folled by management and maintence works as required - plenty of opportunities to learn your IDs and new practical skills.

They are scary, but not as scary as this Crocodile that drifted menacingly past.
Well done to all those involved.

Where to next? Back on the patches, lets hope it stays flat calm out at sea even though the temperatures are set to plummet back to 'normal' after a tropically warm weekend.

In the meantime let us know what's scarily drifting by in your outback.


cliff said...

Jane & I very much enjoyed our visit to this event yesterday Dave - many thanks for the heads up.

It was good to hear the plans of the NBPT and even more so that habitat right on my doorstep is in line to be improved. Interesting to hear a Kingfisher visits one of the ponds too - I can feel a trip out with the camera coming on.

Of course my faves were the pondlife specimens on display, I've not seen a Smooth Newt since a school field trip approx 40 years ago. Loved the dragonfly larva too, & the Caddisfly larva - my missus didn't realise there was an insect in there & just thought it was a collection of sticks :-)

We'll be taking a walk around the pond trail very soon.



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