Friday, 3 February 2012

Calling the knowledgeable

The Safari has been busy in the garden at Base Camp today so no wildlife news at all...disturbed it all with various crashings and bangings.
Aussie Glen sent us this pic and asked if we knew what it is...any one out there like to hazard a guess...species would be good, family, order, class or even phylum might be helpful!
Over to you...we're pretty sure it's an invertebrate!!!

Tbh we don't know exactly how big it is (2-3cm?) which end is the front (right?) and if it has feet or not...we have an inkling of what it might be but will wait for your suggestions.
The location might give you a clue, the forests of the far SW Australia.

Where to next? The Shoresearch coastal wildlife volunteer training event tomorrow - looks like the weather will hold off long enough for us to do some serious rummaging in the rockpools.
In the meantime let us know how the weird and wonderful are shaping up in your outback.


Anonymous said...

Haven`t a clue what taxon it is, Dave. But it`s a smart looking thing.

cliff said...

Well, like Dean I've no idea what your mystery critter from down under is. If pushed I'd guess at either - some sort of moth/butterfly 'pillar, a ladybird larvea, or maybe some sort of glowworm type beetle???