Sunday, 19 February 2012

Ring tail in the sitting room!

The Safari was asked by our  'Pool' match-going companion what the score would be before the big game yesterday. We predicted 2 -1 in favour of Everton, no doubt he wasn't happy about that response, and we would have got it right had KP not missed a penalty in the dying minutes. Not that it probably would have done Blackpool any good anyway as there might not been enough time left to force an equaliser. 

Everton could deffo do with a good cup run culminating with winning the competition and Blackpool won't be too upset being able to now fully concentrate on achieving an automatic promotion place...starting with a good home win against West Ham Utd on Tuesday night please.
Facebook 'friend' DD posted that it was 'only a game'! WHAT??? In the words of the late great (even though he was of the 'wrong' colour) Bill Shankly, "Football's not a matter of life or death - it's  more important than that!"
Disaster happened when we discovered that the poles delivered for our engineering project were a foot too short - sure we ordered 9 footers not the standard 8 foot that were delivered! So we could only get the footings in...tomorrow we'll have to argue the toss with the supplier and see if he'll trade the short ones for the right ones without adding to the price!
At lunchtime we had a nice surprise. This chap Skyped us...his face is covered to protect the innocent and vulnerable...and from what you can see you'll understand why!

However he was kind enough to bring two gorgeously cute Ring Tailed Possums within range of the webcam. Wifey returned from a shopping trip just in time to see one of the little wee beasties across the thousands of miles via the wonder that is the interweb...thanks J :-)
No other news from today other than an early morning Sparrowhawk that nearly took our head off as he whizzed across the garden when we were hanging laundry out; garden tick #23.
The feeders have been all been cleaned and refilled with quality sunny hearts for them to enjoy tomorrow.
Last night we had a bash at spotting Jupiter as it was shining very brightly over the water tower. Great scope views - wound up to full mag we could see some of the bands of coloured gas that encircle it and four of the moons...might even try to get a pic later in the week if we can work out the required settings, shutter speed etc on the camera. It wasn't only Jupiter that was visible in the scope - even in the darkness at 23.00hrs we could pick out the shape of the Peregrine fast asleep on its ledge on the tower!
Where to next? Back on Patch 2 tomorrow but we're not sure how far round Patch 1 Frank will get, he was a bit stiff after his beach exertions.
In the meantime let us know what the cutest animal was in your outback today - bet whatever it was a can't out-cute baby RTPs!!!


Aussie Glen said...

Looks Dodgy to me. One of them unsavory characters i expect.

Christian said...

Ha ha. Love that - fill with optimism - pre season only!