Saturday, 24 March 2012

Not a bad day at all

The Safari's day started pretty well. We peered into the moth trap to find more than two Hebrew Characters!
In addition to four Hebrew Characters there were two Early Greys, two Clouded Drabs and a Common Quaker - not a bad haul.
Clouded Drab

 Common Quaker
And now our fave shot of the day...Early Grey...what a hairy little chappy!
The final moth out, squeezed in to the tightest corner and not immediately identifiable was this somewhat different and well marked variant of Hebrew Character.

The rest of the morning was spent in the garden, mostly waiting for the gulls to find us a raptor going over. they find the hazy conditions easier to deal with with their polarising eyesight - why don't they make bins with polarising lenses? Eventually they did..a Sparrowhawk, not one of the bigger, dare we say 'more desirable' species.
A loud honking from out of sight to the south heralded the low fly over of a pair of Grey Lag Geese (Garden 26), not an expected species for Base Camp although they were on the garden list last year too.
Several Meadow Pipits went over, mostly unseen, but unlike others nearby we failed to connect with any Siskins or Redpolls.
The camera was pointed at the feeders for a while.
Peek - a - boo

Inverts started to put in appearance as the temperature sizzled towards 20C. White Tailed Bumble Bees and a Peacock butterfly but our fave was a Drone Fly that kept buzzing us but kept out of range of the camera.
In range of the lens but extremely mobile was this tiny Zebra Spider on the garage wall. Shame we just dipped out on the focus.
Must try harder...or get him on a cooler day when he's less active.
Late in the afternoon a Goldcrest dropped in to the top of a neighbours tree (from where?) called a couple of times then immediately flut into the depths of the adjacent conifer.
Where to next? Hmmm...not sure yet.
In the meantime let us know what dropped in from on high into your your outback.



cliff said...

Our gulls(some of which are probably the same as your gulls)found me a Buzzard flying overhead yesterday afternoon Dave, that's a new garden tick :-)

Nice moth photos Dave, I really must look into getting a moth trap.

Warren Baker said...

nice set of Moth photo's today Davo :-)

Amila Kanchana said...

Interesting birds and moths, Davo, nice visiting here after a long time!