Friday, 31 May 2013

Funny coincidences or just making silly connections

The Safari went to the moth trap full of eager excitement as it hadn't rained overnight...but the dew!!! It was almost as wet inside from that. We reckon there's gotta be a big hole in the trap and all the moths are sneaking out as once again there was only one to wrangle out. It turned out to be a little more interesting than your average moth..a darker than normal form of Scalloped Hazel, so much darker than normal that it isn't illustrated in the field guide.
After breakfast and a morning's worth of chores we headed to Chat Alley to have a look at the sea for cetaceans. It was lovely and warm in the sun but the breeze was a bit cool - still it was t-shirt sleeves weather for a very refreshing change...but not for long, the breeze picked up and the jacket went on! We didn't find any Harbour Porpoises but a female Grey Seal was eating a large flat-fish just beyond the gentle surf and another was a similar distance from shore away to the south.
Bird-wise it was very quiet, a few Gannets went by mostly very distant, two Swallows were seen high over the sea heading north but the best sighting was the flock of 15 Kittiwakes also going north. With increasing chill and lack of wildlife we called it a day after an hour.
The ships were perhaps the high-light of session. A huge tanker was moored at anchor in an usual place off the mouth of the river about five miles away...the British Falcon and to the north a bit further out at around seven miles was the huge wind farm construction vessel Pacific Orca.
These two vessels are topical in that there is a very un-British falcon lurking around Lakenheath at the moment which LC was lucky enough to be able to go and see last weekend and he reports  it's an absolute stonker. Also topical is the current Kestrel survey by those great guys at the Hawk and Owl Trust which you can all get involved with very easily.
And the Pacific Orca ties in very nicely with our arch rival Monika in our annual Year List Challenge; wonder if she'll be out an about giving us a run for our money this weekend?
Talking of the weekend we'll be having a go at the 24 hour Garden Bioblitz but before we start that the mothy will be out again tonight but it might be a bit cold with that wind. Even our sister-in-law is having a bash at it and she's not normally noted for her safari-ing being dangerously, possibly fatally so, to Horsefly bites; such is the inspiration of Springwatch - well done guys.
While preparing this pile of nonsense a movement outside the sitting room window caught our eye...
Where to next? In between bioblitzing we may be able to get out on safari somewhere local.
In the meantime let us know what's providing a  dodgy coincidence in your outback.

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