Thursday, 23 May 2013

Island life

The Safari was a little overwhelmed once we'd landed on the island, we've not been on it for many years. All the others shot off in all directions armed to the teeth with their binoculars and cameras, not that you actually need bins if you visit. We chose to find somewhere in the sun, out of the wind, to have our butties and just chill out and take it all in for a while. The wind was light enough that sitting in it wasn't going to be a problem anyway. And we weren't missing out on any of the wildlife either
While we were having lunch a pair of Rock Pipits (166) hopped around just beyond the rope. We usually catch up with these over the winter on Patch 2 but failed to find any this back end.
There's human history here as well as natural history. The beginnings of the world's Life Boat rescue services started here with a young girl and her dad who lived in theis lighthouse.
and more castles than you shake a stick at along the mainland coast
The wildlife on the islands is used to humans, provided they stay on the marked boardwalks
Did you spot it?
Plenty of all the faves too

Fast asleep inches away

Was this badly photographed Fulmar subathing or ill, or just crash landed on flat ground
Unlike the well camouflaged females the male Eiders looked positively gaudy against the golden lichen covering the rocks
The one on the right is doing the Frankie Howerd 'ooohhhh' (Matrrronnn) call

Gulating in the warm sun

Amongst the thousands of Arctic Terns were a few Sandwich Terns (unphotographed) and a handful of pairs of Common Terns (167).
The stars of the show have to be the Puffins.
Most of the visitors couldn't get enough of them and we were no Sand-Eels yet this year as everything is late due to the prolonged winter.

Great aren't they!
Our two hours went all too quickly and we could easily have stayed two or more hours but our time was up and the weather was closing in, the sun had gone and sharp wintry showers were being driven in by a strengthemning cold wind.
The boat ride back was a much bouncier affair than the ride out! The boat operator reckoned his boat would tied up fr at least a couple of days.
We went back to tBase Camp very tired but very happy.
Where to next? Not sure yet - might depend on what the weatherman says...lashing down, extremely windy and cold as we type...yuk!
In the meantime let us know what islands of wonder can be found in your outback.


cliff said...

Some great shots there Dave! Love the Puffin/Tern & Shag photos. Definitely beats Preston Docks.

Stuart Price said...

Where is it? I'm guessing Lindisfarne or am I wrong? Looks like a great place wherever it is......

Monika said...

Wow - looks like an amazing place! Lots of amazing birds, but the puffins definitely are the stars of the show.

Warren Baker said...

Loadsa great wildlife photo's today Davyman! Hope you can get out tomorrow mate!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thanks everyone. Stu - you're very close; t'was the Farne Islands, just a few miles south of Lindisfarne whose causeway is covered during the times we'd be there and isn't really suitable for Frank.



Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...
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