Wednesday, 15 May 2013

It's the little things in life

The Safari woke up to heavy rain this morning...last night's forecast was for occasional light showers so we made the mistake of putting the moth trap out. First up check the electrics! Then pour the water out of it. Then check for drowned moths...none and no swimmers either...useless!
The rain didn't abate all morning which was OK as we had a few jobs to do and errands to run. By mid afternoon it had stopped and we'd finished our indoor work and had just one chore still to do, get some rubbish out of the garage and by eck there's a fair bit in there!!!
Opening the door and getting out some of the stuff we'd stashed for quick removal allowed to get further back into the dimmest darkest recesses, it was then that we noticed the big untidy nest in the corner - well we hadn't seen that being built, wonder if it's occupied. The local pair of Blackbirds are taking food in to next door's garden so it's not going to be them. Perhaps it was a failed attempt and has been abandoned...we'll keep an eye and an ear on it.

Looking at the straggly mess maybe they thought it would collapse under their weight and gave it up as a bad job! The Wren's nest seems to have been a 'cock's' nest as there hasn't been any activity around it for a couple or more days although we still hear the loud little fella regularly.
With all jobs successfully completed apart from the most important one - Wifey's birthday present - we had the rest of the afternoon to ourselves and the sun had come out.
Wifey was back from the Big Smoke and we had a potter around the garden noticing some tiny flies, about 5mm long, coming and going to and from the top of our recycling bin. A few landed on the stonework nearby but the majority seemed to prefer the shiny blue plastic.
Nothing else for it but to get the macro lens out and have a bit of invertebrate close up fun, it's been a long long time since that lens has been out  of its case.
No idea what the species is, will try those clever iSpotters later.
Enjoy...if that's the right word


You can even see the vibrissae on the hair on the antennae - awesome!

Can't believe all the iridescence, there must be light bouncing around all over the shop - at least there was light for a very refreshing change.
Where to next? Last day at work tomorrow before we head off for some safari-ing in far flung corners of the globe. Gonna be a busy day though starting early doors with the wee kiddies on the beach...wonder what their tiny hands will glean from the sand
In the meantime let us know what needs magnifying in your outback.

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Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Those clever iSpotters have come up with an ID a species of Anthomyiidae.