Monday, 13 January 2014

Couldn't get a word in edgeways

The Safari was going to have a political rant at you today but we were beaten to it on all counts.
First up was all about fracking but all you need to know is the pic below is from Texas just east of Waco which covers an area slightly smaller than the Fylde, where you may have heard fracking has been tested for. It's on both Google and Bing Maps so is probably true - like some of the pro-websittes we take some of the anti ones with a pinch of salt too....but basically it boils (appropriate word!) to the fact we as a planet can't afford the carbon and if only half the funds tax-breaks (bribes) had been put towards the development of sensible and decentralised renewable energy that would have been a better political decision but it was never going to happen was it? Of course not there's no money renewables - there's no raw fuel to mine, process and sell!  
Each dot is a well-pad
If all goes to 'plan' that's what our local countryside might well look like in ten years time - not pretty and where's all the water going to come from...and perhaps even more importantly where's all the dirty used water going to go?
The other rant was about the recent flooding and how we need to address the problem at source (pun intended) But a certain George Monbiont posted almost exactly what we were going to say although typically for him more eloquently and better researched.
On a lighter note FW has done his write up of his adventures at the nature reserve. As has AFON leader LMcR who sneakily snuck in to see the Long Eared Owls without saying hello - cheek of it - None out of ten!
Sorry about all the links but please do read them.
No pics today and we didn't find any Great Crested Newts this morning nor any other amphibians, we thought we might have found a Frog or a Toad hiding somewhere as its been mild enough of late but we didn't.
Our beach clean was thankfully very unproductive, unfortunately it was as unproductive of interesting biological specimens as it was of man-made litter. The sand has been stripped away by the storms along lengths of the base of the wall and left huge amounts rock and shingle exposed that we don't normally see.
Where to next? Not sure tomorrow, a look at Patch 2 at lunchtime is probably all we'll be able to manage. If the wind stays light and offshore there may be a chance of a mammal or two.
In the meantime let us know who stole your thunder in your outback.

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