Saturday, 4 January 2014

First foot-in it

The Safari didn't get out on our Winter Thrush survey this morning but at lunchtime rank asked to go out so it was time to do our first Foot-it walk.
We got just 10 species in our half hour/half mile walk - yes Frank is that slow now when his rheumatism is playing up.
This is the list in the order they were seen:-
Feral Pigeon - 11
Woodpigeon - 1
Collared Dove - 2
Herring Gull - 25
Robin - 2
Greenfinch - 2
Magpie - 4
Carrion Crow - 1
Common Gull - 2
Black Headed Gull - 9

Perhaps more interesting than the all important birds was the very strong pong of Fox at the Golden Triangle - certainly peeked Frank's nose's interest, we spent ages there before he would come away.
On the down side we found the remains of a Hedgehog in a pile of the landscaper's rotting vegetation - wonder if it was a strimmer/lawnmower victim, that's two lost from the local population in the last few months hope there's still enough to maintain a viable population as the area they inhabit is just about isolated from other suitable habitat by busy roads. Also nearby was a dead Starling that showed no obvious signs of injury.
Later our Extreme Photographer came round to assist with our little project we've been invited to get involved with. Still all hush-hush but suffice to say our Extreme Photographer was transformed into our Extreme TV cameraman. Tomorrow will see how we cut it on the cutting room floor stitching all the little segments together and maybe adding a bit more if we need to.
Once we'd finished we drove at well below breakneck speed due to an inconsiderate slow numpty - there wasn't much daylight left for crying out loud - no time to waste.
We entered the hide and to the man the birders there said 'you should have been here quarter of an hour ago' so even if we hadn't been stuck behind the speed-merchant we'd have missed the Otter.
All but one of the others left as it grew darker but JP soon said he could here the Barn Owl hissing and a few minutes later first one then a second appeared. The first flew off only to be replaced by a third - we never knew there were three in the box, no-one tells us anything!!!
No new species today and no pics either - that makes a refreshing change you're thinking.
Where to next? Those Winter Thrushes need to be surveyed tomorrow morning and then who knows where - coast perhaps...
In the meantime let us know who's been hiding themselves away in your outback.

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