Thursday, 2 January 2014

Felt like spring today

The Safari is now on 62 for the year.

Some nice pics today
Bluebells - already?
Ring number is 3N92 - reported, other birders have seen it locally before

Apologies for the dodgy Treecreeper pics - bad light fast mover - feeble excuses!
Where to next? Out in the wind and the rain tomorrow, high tide watch perhaps.
In the meantime let us know who's too early and likely to get a nasty shock in your outback


cliff said...

A fine set of pics there Dave with the Great tits, Squirrels & Shag all looking good. The gold star has to go to the LEO though, love the way the sun is picking out that eye.

62 species already!!! That's probably double what I've seen, although I have got 17 for the garden so far, & from a trip up the road yesterday - amongst others - I got Goosander, Siskin & Marsh tit.

Gonna go & have a look for that Shag shortly if the rain holds off.

Anonymous said...

You`re not wrong there, Dave. Some nice pics indeed.

Warren Baker said...

Wish I had that many photo opportunities in one day Davyman! Treecreeper are a real hard bird to photo aren't they!