Friday, 26 September 2014

Anglesey marine

The Safari has got just a couple of snippets of video from the rockpools on Anglesey. To be honest the ones we looked at at Penmon Head and Porth Eilean weren't as lively as we'd hoped, in fact there was more life in the artificial pools on Patch 2! We were somewhat surprised at that but perhaps we didn't look in the best parts of the coast - the seaweeds were much better than back on the prom though.
Think these are Black Gobies - if they are it's a fish 'tick'.Try the vids on full screen.

Prawns are a nightmare cos they're flippin transparent and brave! They don't flee fom the new artifact in their pool they come out and investigate it, usually getting far too close!

Best fishy find but sadly unvideod, not without trying was a small Pipefish about 3-4 inches long which maybe we should have got the normal camera to as it sat fairly still right at the surface so would probably been photographable.
Where to next? Mothuy is out tonight - wonder how may more trapping sessions we'll get in this year.
In the meantime let us know who's skimming over the stones in your outback.

On a far less fun note it would appear that two of the Hen Harriers that have been followed on blogs from one of the nests in Forest of Bowland have gone 'missing in suspicious circumstances' a week or  so ago. They were still in the area but away from their nest site.
Now was a Fox responsible or did they meet flying lead? With all the 'legal' predator control that goes on up there there can't be that many Foxes in the vicinity. Which brings us on to our  next query, how come the poor mammals don't get the same protection as birds, surely great little creatures like Stoats and Weasels, and even Foxes deserve the same legal protection as their feathered cousins from the bloodthirsty brigade and others - they realy aren't that bad just irrationally vilified for nothing!
Please sign the petition please if you haven't already.

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