Sunday, 21 September 2014

Nothing from Anglesey today

The Safari had a mixed day today starting with a few moths. It was the coolest night for a good while although still 10C at 08.00 there were a few moths inside including a nice Copper Underwing sp, our first Silver Y of the year was beginning to think one of these common things wouldn't turn up this year despite loads of very interesting migrant moths turning up all over the country.
In one of the eggboxes was THE tiniest of moths, we very nearly overlooked it and then almost dismissed it as 'just' a fly. But it turned out to be a new  species for us - hardly surprising!!! - Blastodacna hellerella.
We really like these tiny ones - why do they need to be so well patterned and/or coloured it's not as if they're easy to spot in the first place.
After the usual Sunday morning faffing about we decided to go to the nature reserve but Frank wasn't walking too well so we loitered wondering where to go instead when we got a text from Young Un AB requesting the loan of our stealth-cam due to animal 'incidents' in his garden so off we went.
The traffic was beyond humungous, we hadn't twigged that the airshow the other side of the river would be using our airport as their base and with the only two flying Avro Lancasters in town along with assorted Hurricanes, Spitfires, Typhoons and even the Vulcan everyone and his uncle was trying to get to a good vantage point at either end of the runway - right between Base Camp and AB's gaff.
The stealth-cam was duly delivered and we sat in the warm sunshine in the garden watching the bird feeders and butterflies on the Buddleia with AB and Eh-up muvver - Frank fell asleep but was woken when we dashed upstairs to his landing window when we heard the Lancasters fire up their eight Merlin engines.
Here's the best we could do from a mile away through the very wobbly heat haze...we've seen plenty better on Twitter and Facebook already.
This one made the most noise on take off - a vertical climb to how high??? Shame we could only get it coming back in to land - not bad for a 'garden tick'.
Other stuff flying around the garden were
So there you have it a rather different day to what we were expecting when we got  out of bed this morning.
Where to next? A trip to the north with ace photographer BD tomorrow
In the meantime let us know who's making all the thunderous noise in your outback.

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