Thursday, 11 September 2014

Another super summery day

The Safari is enjoying this bit of an Indian summer. We've had stuff to do indoors but managed a bit of a mooch round the garden in the afternoon and then Frank took us to Magpie Wood for half an hour.
Hoverfly having a chill in the morning sun - darned phone focused past it on the brickwork - dohhh
Autumn colour is beginning to form
Field Scabious continues to provide late summer nectar for bees and hoverflies
It pays to watch where you're going!
Mystery mud lined nest - should be Blackbird but don't they line with grass, has it washed/blown out?
Old man's beard - don't you just love the old 'country' manes of stuff
Mystery ornamental plant - from a bulb we think but does anyone have a name?
Bird sown Dog Rose hips
Very few Apples on the tree this year and they all look like this - a tad unappetizing wouldn't you say?
Out on the field by Magpie Wood we always look for fungi at this time of year and found this one lurking under the edge of the hedge
Think they're great when they've gone past their best and have started to decay like this one - great patterns and shapes from all that gooey mush - brilliant.
So there you have it just a few short minutes out on safari and we've found a load of interesting seasonal stuff for you - ain't nature brill - Always something to see and learn everyday!
Where to next? Not sure about tomorrow, might have a surprise for you all.
In the meantime let us know who's going all gooey in your outback.

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