Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Finding subjects for #100moredaysofnature is proving hard work

The Safari was able to get out on Patch 2 for a few minutes but it wasn't brilliant, very murky out there visibility was simple awful and there wasn't much to see. it was a little too choppy to spot any smaller blubber and there was no sign of any Bottlenose Dolphins - well what did you expect! A Red Throated Diver took top billing. 
Lunchtime was even less inspiring and drizzly wet; we thought we'd never get a pic for our #100moredaysofnature challenge. We did something we've not done for a while and took a walk right round the perimeter path of the garden looking for some inspiration. 
We found some, well what did you expect? There's always something to see if you look hard enough.
The Rosa rugosa bushes still have some hips in various stages of maturity.
Did well not to get our reflection in the fresh one
Not so this one. The left hand one is waiting for a passing Greenfinch
If you're of a certain pre-elf 'n' safety age you'll be able to tell the younger readers what we used to make/do with these.
Back at Base Camp we've had the stealth cam out for a couple of days looking at one of the bird feeder and got a bit of a result. The first view of Long Tailed Tits of this season in the garden, not heard them nearby all summer.
You should be able to view it full screen and in HD

So you see, there's always something to see if you take a good look around.
Where to next? Another couple of short looks at Patch 2 tomorrow hopefully the weather will be a little better.
In the meantime let us know what was waiting to be discovered in your outback.

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