Wednesday, 12 November 2014

It's a steal today

The Safari got over the to the wall for a few minutes this morning. Not a great lot happening out there about 200 Common Scoters and a Great Crested Grebe were on the water but scanning round we saw two Curlews whiz through the field of view so we followed them round onto the beach. Holy wow they joined another nine. So OK eleven Curlews isn't a great lot but it's still a very high count for the beach here and so very nice to see.
Our lunchtime watch was short and not so sweet, the tide was in and a stiff breeze had chopped it up quite badly so there wasn't much to see.
Once again we were struggling for the day's #100moredaysofnature pic but we had a further option up our sleeve. We had a meeting at the nature reserve later in the afternoon and needed to go and find a prop for our school visit tomorrow which we knew would be in the old cabin. Off we went camera at the ready as there would be a few minutes to get out onto the reserve. But things went horribly wrong. The prop wasn't there - did we dream it, we were certain it's been in there for years...we put some feed in the feeding Station and then had a look in the draws of our old desk. And found something rather topical.
As you will recall there is a Great Grey Shrike a couple of miles from the office, well several years ago there was one at the nature reserve, 1998 to be precise 1st of March to the 18th of April - a good long stayer. In the draw there's a pile of old prints, some are showing their age and more importantly showing how much amateur photography has come on over the intervening years.
This isn't our pic probably either by PT or McMG can't remember exactly...was a long time ago!
It was the fourth record for the nature reserve and there hasn't been one since, this latest one is close bit not close enough.
Our meeting started at about the time the Starlings came in to murmurate, the flock grew to the low thousands but gave us the run around from end to end and unfortunately we had to give up and go to the if which we'll be able to give you in a couple of weeks time.
Where to next? More Patch 2 and maybe something extra if we get a chance.
In the meantime let us know what's been lurking hidden in the depths of your outback for over 15 years.

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