Monday, 10 November 2014

Fresh from the beaches of south west Wales

The Safari was only able to get out for a few minutes today and the sea wasn't giving anything away. There was the usual plethora of Common Scoters and just one Red Throated Diver. No blubber today after yesterday's sighting of a Bottlenose Dolphin not even a seal. That said it's worth anyone near the coast having a good look as there were 20 of the 100 from the Isle of Man lurking off the Great Orme at Llandudno today - that's not far away as the dolphin swims, we can see the top of it quite easily from the seawall.
Talking of seals  our Extreme Photographer heard a noise not far from where he was working and looked over the edge of the low cliff to have a look. Below there were five young Grey Seals on the beach with more adults in the water.
This one we think is dead, certainly looks a bit emaciated and has injuries
This pics are from his mobile phone, he says he'll try to get back there with his 'proper' camera (a new one too) if he can.
Where to next? Another minimal session on Patch 2 tomorrow we're afraid.
In the meantime let us know what's far to cute n cuddly for its own good in your outback


S Malhotra said...

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cliff said...

You know you're in a cracking location when you can get shots like this on your mobile phone.