Thursday, 26 May 2016

It's raining it's pouring

The Safari's Base Camp twilight bat bonanza came to nought last night, no self respecting bat was going to come out and fly round in heavy rain like that and we didn't fancy standing out on the patio for the best part of an hour waiting for it not to show. Still, there's always tonight. 
This morning there was unexpected excitement when a Jackdaw came down to feed on the fat block. This is the first time in 13 years at Base camp we've seen one actually within the confines of the garden rather than flying over or occasionally hopping round on the garage roof.
Taken from across the length of the sitting room through a double glazed window in the gloom at ISO stupid
It was flushed by an lone adult Starling dropping in for a beakful which in turn was flushed by a Magpie which didn't visit the feeder in the end.
Minutes later the male House Sparrow was on the other feeder. WOW it's all go here!
Before long the Magpie was back.
And so was the House Sparrow but this time it didn't drop on to the feeder just linger briefly on the top of the pergola from which the feeders hang and then flew off over the garage roof.
A well grown fledgling Blackbird disappeared into our log store by the back kitchen door for several minutes, perhaps sheltering from the rain and/or hunting for spiders/
Later in the afternoon after a very quiet spell there was a little flurry of activity with a very brief return of the Jackdaw, a Blue Tit with a wing fluttering fledgling on the suet block and this rather unexpected Long Tailed Tit. Just shows you what could be about that you miss by being at work or out on safari elsewhere.
Apologies for the poor pic, it's mid afternoon at the end of May and as gloomy as gloomy gets, it's almost dark out there and only 11C - should be about 17C!
Very late, while tea was cooking, the ringed Greenfinch came in for a while and then the male House Sparrow came in for some supper. Not much sign of many invertebrates today, hardly surprising given the weather! The mystery orchid hasn't opened any further either.
Where to next? We're really hoping for better weather tomorrow so we can sit out and get some fresh air. Stitches come out tomorrow afternoon which is good.
In the meantime let us know who's providing all the excitement in your outback.

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cliff said...

Good to know the nice weather is saving itself till we get back. Enjoyed catching up with what's going on back home