Monday, 2 May 2016

Macro fun in the grand estate

The Safari didn't get out today. We failed to get out of bed early enough to get out on safari before the rain started....Not good. Once the rain came it lasted throughout a dismal morning but once the sun came out around lunchtime we were busy with errands and chores so still unable to get out.
The only way we could really get out, other than to the shops and returning to Base Camp after one of the trips a Swallow (Garden #25) flew over us as we were unloading the car. We also 'think' we heard a Willow Warbler somewhere close while concentrating on other things but didn't hear it again when we were listening so can't add it to the list.
We added a couple of insects to the garden's list for this year, a worker Early Bumble Bee and a Tree Bee which went into the gap under the eaves of the kitchen roof again.
Once we'd seen the Early Bumble Bee we decided to grab the camera and have a mooch around to see if we could get a pic of it. Unfortunately we only saw it once more and then only briefly. So what else could we find to point the lens at?
British Bluebell
Spanish Bluebells
Hoverfly sp in British Bluebell

The hoverfly above
Same one again - Platycheirus sp? P. peltatus??
Dog Violet
Saxifrage sp

So there you have it a quick wander round the (not so) grand estate at Base Camp.
Where to next? We've got a bit of driving to do tomoz so there'll be a Buzzard v Kestrel update coming up.
In the meantime let us know who's making the most of the spring flowers in your outback.

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cliff said...

Your hover could also be Platycheirus albimanus, but I wouldn't stake my hard earned on it.