Friday, 13 May 2016

Roadtrip Part 1 - Base Camp to Our Extreme Photographer's gaff

The Safari has been on a bit of a cross country trek. The first leg was a run down to Pembrokeshire to have a few days wildlifing while Wifey went to work in their office down that way.
On the drive down through mid-Wales of course we came across Red Kites (147)
Our Extreme Photographer took us through the lanes and byways to all manner of great places to find us Cuckoo (148), Dartford Warbler (149) (he saw we only heard it singing deep in a Gorse bush on a very cold and windy morning), Yellowhammer (150), Chough (151) and Willow Tit (152) (on his garden feeders).
Here's a few pics from our trip:-
Plumstone Mountain - Cuckoo here
Common Dolphin at Strumble Head
Bluebells at Llys-y-Ffran reservoir

Bee Fly at Our EP's place
Chrysolina banksi larva on Ribwort Plantain at St David's Head
Chrysolina banksi
Unknown succulent plant at St David's Head - Rockrose?
Lousewort at Plumstone Mountain
Spring Squill - everywhere!
Red Kite - Lettterston
Rock Pipit - Strumble Head
Pond Skater - EP's pond
Water Cricket - after surviving an attack by the Pond Skater above
Brown Trout - a stream somewhere out in the wilds
The following birds are in EP's garden
Great Spotted Woodpecker - At an angle through the dirty kitchen window
Jackdaw - At an angle through the dirty kitchen window
Jay - At an angle through the dirty kitchen window
Nuthatch - At an angle through the dirty kitchen window
Lesser Redpoll
Siskins - courtship feeding
Common Lizard - on a recycled plastic boardwalk
Adder - escaping before allowing a proper shot, note doggy poo bag top left - yuk! Strumble Head
Adder - One of two that were dancing moments earlier - St David's Head
He spotted us!
That's enough for now.
Where to next? More tales and in depth details from deepest darkest Welsh Wales tomorrow
In the meantime let us know who's been on the road in your outback


cliff said...

All sorts of interesting sightings & photos there Dave, looks like you had a great trip. I've never seen & would love to see Dartford Warbler & Chough, & added to that list now is a Water Cricket, what little beauties they are.

Warren Baker said...

Heading there myself next month Davyman, what a great place for wildlife Wales is :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

The good bits are really great Warren but sadly far too much of it is 'sheep-wrecked'
Enjoy your break over there