Sunday, 27 November 2016

Ice is nice

The Safari is still busy with family stuff but the last few days have been very frosty and we've had a couple of opportunities to get out with Wifey, Monty and the camera. Monty looks pretty good against the  autumnal woodland floor.
Spot the odd one out
It was cold out there but not a chilly as a few minutes after first light when we were able to get some nice pics of ice crystals on the moss on a neighbour's wall and some nearby leaves.

At Ma n Da's yesterday a Mistle Thrush was giving plenty of volume to a quiet cold afternoon which was good to hear and later, after dark, we heard a small number of Pink Footed Geese going over.  
Monty was out at the top end of Chat Alley again this morning. The tide was in so we took the camera in the hope of a Grey Seal close to the wall but it wasn't to be, we didn't take a single snal all morning. Monty had great fun playing rough and tumble with a couple of new found friends but crashed out shattered for most of the afternoon and was too tired to go back out.
He's still not quite ready to take on safari on our own yet as he's not learned to walk to heal, loves to try to meet and greet all dogs and people,follows his nose in every which direction; it would be a nightmare trying to hold on to him and use our bins or camera at the sane time. We reckon he'll be a lot more mature in the New Year.
Where to next? There's a little bit of relief from the pressure next week so we might be able to get out on Patch 2 once or twice and maybe get a visit or two to the local Starling murmuration too.
In the meantime let us know who's chilling in your outback.

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