Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Indoors and out on the prom

The Safari had a bit of different day last Sunday. We went to see Wildlife Adventurer Steve Backshall give a bit of a talk. He's good, well enthusiastic - nearly as good as we are even!
It was great to see so many youngsters there and how knowledgeable are they, very impressive. We saw some big kids we knew too - even bigger than we are! And chatting to one of them yesterday evening at a meeting he too was impressed with the show and the number of kids there. There is hope for the future of our precious wildlife. We even got to ask the very first question at the end of the superb section about sharks. We didn't ask anything about fish but if he was going to watch the Starling murmuration around the pier after the show. Unfortunately he would be book signing and chatting to his fans so would miss it. Not to worry a couple of families asked for more details  of how and where they could see the Starlings so a result, lets hope they go down and get a good show.
Earlier we'd taken Monty for a wander along the cliffs. It was very busy with dog walkers, joggers and cyclists, so there were few birds to be found to point the camera at.
Eventually we left the grassy cliff top and went down onto the lower prom where we were able to get a couple of shots of the resident Pied Wagtails. One shot was a very fluky hit, we weren't sure it would be in focus but it came out alright.
We think it's a better pic than the full on portrait we got a little later.
Below us the tide was just dropping off the base of the wall giving a few Sanderlings the chance to fly in and feed in the shallow water.

The big lens would have been better than our little zoom given the distance but it was good just to watch them scuttering around in the waves.
Once the tide dropped a bit further we took Monty down for his first look at the sea. He got three of his four paws wet but didn't seemed that impressed. Next week we bet there'll be no stopping him!
Where to next? More news of Monty on the beach at the weekend perhaps, hospital visiting permitting.
In the meantime let us know who's peering over the top in your outback.

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