Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Nowt doing here so we're off to Pembrokeshire again

The Safari hasn't been out much. this morning we got news of the first ever Waxwings to be seen within the nature reserve. Even if we'd been able to get out straight away we wouldn't have seen them as they had a little fly round and then flew off while LR was watching them. He did get a pic with his phone but they were so high up at the top of the tallest tree on the reserve they're just dots of about a dozen pixels.
In the absence of any proper local news we were lucky that our Extreme Photographer has had a few days off and has been up to the Teifi Marshes reserve on the Carmarthenshire/Pembrokeshire border.
He's seen a few bits n bobs up there including a Yellow Browed Warbler but he's been mostly paying his attention to the Kingfishers that perch outside one of the hides. While waiting for the Kingfishers to put in an appearance he was easily distracted by other avian delights.
One Heron or is it two Herons?
Yes the pair of Kingfishers did turn up for him in the end.
He says he's not 100% happy with these four as his camera setting weren't quite right...they look alright to us!!!
Not content with the pics above he went back for another session yesterday. And got what we think is a fractionally bettter result, but only the one pic as the birds weren't playing ball this time.
Many thanks to our Extreme Photographer filling an otherwise empty blog once again.
Where to next? Hopefully we'll come across a Waxwing or two but we'll not hold our breath.
In the meantime let us know who's showing far too much colour in your outback. 

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