Thursday, 1 April 2010

Decent in to darkness

The safari has just watched a snippet about the hunt for dark matter. Will someone help me out here. Deep seep underground there is a machine that is looking for the fainest hint of a dark matter. But then the chap said it might not actually exist, then he went on to explain that 'theoretically' it has to exist otherwise the universe wouldn't work due to lack of mass for the observed gravity.
How can you build a machinr to detext something that might not exist? how would you go about calibrating it?
Good job I'm an ecologist bot an astro-physist - eh...but always willing to learn...or at least try to understand...
Later dudes
In the meantime if you've come across a blob of dark matter in your outback please let those underground guys in Middlesborough know. Good birding up that way...and birds are way easier to find than the dark stuff.
BTW - I don't have a pic of any dark matter for you this evening.


Craig said...

Its now 6 days since my male sparrowhawk went awol (im now thinking the worst considering its unusual not to see him for 2 days) im gutted Dave.

Warren Baker said...

Dave, the only dark matter here are the blody great thunder clouds !

Craig - if you read this, your sparrowhawk has gone off to breed, it will be back :-)

Craig said...

Hi Warren,

Many thanks for giving me some hope.

best wishes,