Friday, 9 April 2010

Weird or what?...Exactly what?

The safari had a strange experience this evening. whilst hanging out laundry in the garden at Base Camp a flock of around a dozen Starlings flew over - going in the 'normal' direction - but...and here's the rub...the Starlings we normally see, everyday thousands fly over, big flocks in the morning, smaller flocks in the evening, but we never but never hear them call and today's dozen did! Even Wifey heard them and she doesn't really take much notice of bird calls. To me they didn't half sound like Waxwings - someone tell me I wasn't dreaming. Not even out my herbs on the pizza so I don't think I was hallucinating...weird or what???
PS - just to check cos we don't hear Waxwings all that often...hahahaha...we had a listen on xeno-canto and well even Wifey said that was what we just us out someone.
Later dudes


Anonymous said...

Could well be Dave. It`s down to you if you`re certain enough to whap on the list.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thanks Dean but I don't think they'll hit the list...if they weren't going in the Starling's direction, ie not towards the coast on the normal Starling flightpath but going north or east then they would have stood a much better chance of inclusion...c'est la vie.



Craig said...

What comes to mind Dave is what Bill Oddie often of the joys of birding.

best wishes,