Monday, 5 April 2010

No time for safaris

The safari has been on socialising dut1es over the holiday and has not been out safari-ing. However, on the way to family dinner on Easter Sunday we had a Swallow (133) fly over the car on the motorway. We called in to the marshes just before our destination for an hour and got some stonking views of Avocets (134). Then we discovered we'd left the camera at home...noooooo!!! Dipped a Yank as well...noooooo!!!
Today we had a visit to our chums up north. Again we had a minor detour to a large reserve not far from their home where we dipped another Yank...noooooo!!! But we did cop for a Marsh Harrier (135) whilst driving past the top end of the reserve. As we were loading the car to leave our friends place a Bullfinch (136) called from a neighbours garden. After a couple of minutes it stopped calling and a splendidly coloured male flew over their chimney pots.
Where to next?? Back to the patches, but next weekend we have a far distant safari beyond the South side, past our outer limits with the co-founder of the safari and A.N Other. Not been to this site for many years and it is a little cracker!
In the meantime let us know if socialising has got in the way of safari-ing around your outback.

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Stu said...

Avocets and Marsh Harriers both sound pretty good, it shows how much bird populations change. I started birding about 30 years ago and both these would have been pretty rare birds in Lancashire........