Saturday, 10 April 2010

Short but very sweet

The safari was out twice today. This morning Zilch Alley and Nowt Slab lived up to their reputations but we did have four Lesser Redpolls (137) fly over.
Later we had a safari around the nature reserve and copped a few Willow Warblers (138) amongst a sack load of other thihngs. For the day we were a couple of species short of 70 birds and 2 Grey Seals.
Gulls featured strongly today, with Herring Gull.
Lesser Black Backs

and best of all Mediterranean Gull...
A few years ago we were pouring over the superb Macmillan field guide wondering if we'd ever be able to pick a 1st winter out if one ever appered at the reserve. What's that about sore thumbs? Looks a bit different to the Black Heads of the same age sat adjacent.Wader roost on the boating pool wall...
Poor birding as not counted at all today as it's peak migration time.

The safari's best attempt at a Tufted Duck so far.

Where to next? South, south, south early tomorrow morning, fingers crossed for some good stuff the safari doesn't normally come across.
In the meantime let us know what you've been up to in your outback.


Monika said...

Fantastic photos today Dave! I've had two "maybe but I'm not 100% sure so I can't count them" year bird sightings in the last couple of days so that puts you up by two for now.

Stu said...

Nice photos there, Med Gulls are always nice to find........