Saturday, 31 July 2010


The Safari was out very late last night and we saw a black blob on the water tower which can only have been the Peregrine. A few moments later we saw a Fox cub by the Golden Triangle, they've almost definitely bred in there. As we carry the little camera in the coat pocket we got it out and had it 'ready snapping' as our old Praktica's manual said. We weren't expecting to find this little chap out in the open. Not often we see Hedgehogs these days and those we do are usually snuffling around deep in the shrubbery with no chance of a pic.

Apologies if the pics are a bit 'samey' but he wasn't moving about much and thankfully didn't roll into a ball when Frank got a bit too near.
Back round to the Golden Triangle we tried a bit of pishing and the Fox cub reappeared but way to distant for this camera in the pitch black. It's eye shine is the circled dot beneath the street light. (If you can see the circle!). Have to say it isn't often we get to photograph two species of mammals in one night!
Back home a concert was in full swing as Wifey entertained her friend who had come visiting so with an (almost) hidden camera we took some video - and this might well be the end of the Safari - - if so it was nice knowing you all. Use your browsers BACK button to return to the Safari after enjoying the musical interlude.

Apologies for the cricked necks but we forgot you can't use the camera portrait style in video mode..duuhhh.
Back on Patch 1 early doors we can confirm that the black blob was indeed the Peregrine and a juvenile Sparrowhawk was seen, confirming breeding on the patch this year at last. A Curlew called as it flew south inland of us, not often we get them during the hours of daylight..
A lunchtime visit was made to somewhere we haven't been for ages - Mossom Wildlife Field - where we had a Swallow, 15+ Goldfinches feeding on the Creeping Thistle seeds with a couple of House Sparrows and the following butterflies for the Big Butterfly Count...Small Tortoiseshell - 2; white sp - 2, Common Blue - 1 (Fresh as a daisy!), skipper sp - 1, Small Skipper - 1; Meadow Brown - 3. Numbers are bit low but it was overcast, not too warm c16C, and breezy. Some nice patches of wildflowers too including Yarrow, Hardheads (aka Black Knapweed), Birds Foot Trefoil and Meadow Buttercup, although we'd say there could be more wildflowers and less extensive grass with careful introductions and management.
Where to next? Back later if we're not buried face down in a shallow grave beneath the patio!
In the meantime let us know who's been singing in your outback.


Amila Kanchana said...

Love 'em hedgehogs!

Monika said...

She's got a great voice! Why don't we see you up there?

Nice finds on the double mammal evening.

Anonymous said...

Top Voice that lady has - cute as ever too!!!

Bob Bushell said...

Nice three of the Hedgehog.

cliff said...

Your missus has got a cracking voice, and at least watching the vids we've had to crick our neck in both directions to even things out.


diane.haigh said...

If I'd have known you were serious about making the concert public, I'd have kepy my hands out of the way! Great website by the way!