Thursday, 22 July 2010

When will I see you again?

The Safari reckons you can't beat a bit of Motown!
Took Frank to see if the White Letter Hairstreaks would show. Weather was iffy, it had cooled down and a stiff breeze had struck up. Frank was unimpressed with the hanging around and made bee-line to his favourite - - not our favourite - - puddle which has been refilled by the recent rains...the numptie.

Something in there was catching his attention. Being a bit dim he nearly drowned cos he didn't realise he can't stick his nose underwater and sniff...kept coming up coughing and sneezing - can't believe he did it three or four times!!!

He's just heard his friends further down the field.

We couldn't find the White Letter Hairstreaks but there was a directly overhead flyover from the male Peregrine and then moving through the 'woods' we saw the male Sparrowhawk nippin out for a bite to eat for the kiddies.
Still not got that 'proper' bee pick. Is this a male Red Tailed Bumble Bee? Can't lay my hands on my field guide at the mo as it was tidied away! along with loads of other reference books never to reappear.
So when will I see you again - we're off into the wilds at our friends gaff up north. Hopefully lots of pics will be took but no PC until we get back on Monday.
if anyone is wondering what the WLHs actually look like have a blimp at this pic by CR - on MY Creeping Thistles!!!
In the meantime enjoy your weekend.


Amila Kanchana said...

I like him!

Monika said...

Sniffing underwater - now that's a new one! Got a good chuckle out of me.

I hope you're enjoying your adventures in the wilds this weekend - we look forward to the pics!

cliff said...

Evening dave

Hope the trip north of the border went well. I bet the cool weather made butterfly hunting hard work, nit that it gets much harder work than walking up Arnside Knott.

I think I may have moved things around on my website & screwed up the link to you've posted to my WLH photos, my speciality is putting a cyber spanner in the works, my apologies.