Saturday, 3 July 2010

Bugs n stuff at Base Camp

The Safari had a very early and very shortened Patch 1 walk this morning. Was allowed to go as faras the Golden Triangle where the Blackcap was heard to sing briefly. Nice to be out again though if only for a few a week before we can drive anywhere.
Back at Base Camp warm sunshine was somewhat spoiled bt a stiff and chilly breeze off the sea. Still it was worth lurking in the garden with the camera.
This darting hoverfly we think is Sphaerophoria scripta...a bit too quick for the camera(man?).
But he found a friend...we think he's the 'he' cos of the extra bit of abdomen tucked underneath.
Not the world's best picture...sorry.
Again we're not sure of the species but we believe this hover to be the White Tailed Bumble Bee mimicing Narcissus Fly but don't mind being corrected if neceesary.
Plenty of meat on the wing attracts predators like this Robber Fly sitting face down on the Wifey's relief. sitting room window, just before Germany's drubbing of Argentina - d'ya think if Lampard's goal had stood we'd have gone on to beat Germany 3+ - 2 and then beaten Argentina in this game? Of course we would!!! What brings all these bugs to the Base Camp garden is our mixture of wildflowers.
Hemp Agrimony is a superb moth attractor - looking forward to getting the moth trap going is the recovering hand heals and becomes more nimble - good physiotherapy prising moths out of egg cartons - just hope the weather doesn't take a turn for the worse as there have been some good catches along the coast recently
Foxgloves are great for bees
Great Willowherb is one of those unsung 'weeds'. Once heard a very famous professor of botany with a big bushy beard misidentify it as Rosebay Willowherb - wot a mistaka to maka.
Never had any joy growing one of our favourite plants, Tufted Vetch, here at base Camp but this Meadow Vetchling is doing nicely.

Another 'meadow' this time Meadow Buttercup.

Thrift is still in flower and doing well except where Frank lies on it in the shade on the hot days.

The little hovers like to nectar at the tiny flowers of Scarlet Pimpernel.

Yarrow is usually a good bet for finding nectaring insects, at the nature reserve it seemed to be particularly favoured by Soldier Beetles.

But we've never noticed any insects visiting the small species of Spurge...Sun Spurge?

Where to next? Hopefully slightly longer and a bit further on Patch 1...wonder how things have changed there in the last couple of this space.

In the meantime let us know if you've been allowed to wander in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

Hardley need to move from base camp at the moment Dave - plenty to see. :-)

cliff said...

A nice collection of wild flowers there Dave, they should keep the bugs coming.