Thursday, 15 July 2010

It's a wind up

The Safari was hoping to go twitching on the North-side today but no such luck. We had to wait in for a tradesman who didn't show til very very late. So we had to make do with Patch 1 lunchtime visit. Very very windy. Hard going looking for White Letter Hairstreaks as the tree tops were really dancing in the wind. First up was a Comma but again no pic, disturbed by an on-coming dog walker. Plenty of Meadow Browns, Large & Small Skippers. Another Comma but no Small Coppers today. A couple of Speckled Woods sparring and a snazzy looking Gatekeeper. Bumped in to DS who had ten minutes earlier seen a single White Letter Hairstreak but was struggling to relocate it. With two pairs of bins on the job the task was no easirer as the sun had gone in and the wind was giving the trees a right good shaking.
Stopped in and around the glade for about an hour without any success. No birds other than Wrens and Woodpigeons, a Swallow and a couple of Swifts went over.
A Common Blue was the first for a while and yet another Comma avoided being digitised. After last night's mini thunderstorm and torrential downpour the grass was cool and wet and at least three Frogs were seen clambering about in the long stuff.
Right at the death a small grey bird dived from one patch of brambles to another - Lesser Whitethroat? But perhaps little chance of proving of breeding here now.
Where to next? Back to work which means Patch 2 comes back in to play and this wind might not be such a bad thing.
In the meantime let us know if the wind is up in your outback.
Sorry no pics today - you woulda got the Comma but....


Warren Baker said...

Bloody windy here too dave!

Monika said...

So why isn't that wind carrying in some better sea birds for you to see from Patch 2??