Friday, 20 August 2010

Friday morning blues

The Safari’s early morning wander around Patch 1 on a muggy and drizzly Friday morning was D-E-A-D dead; although the female Peregrine was sitting up on the water tower for the first time in a few days, there have been sightings in the town centre while they have been absent from the water tower – but are they the same ones?
The only thing of note was an old gent we’ve never seen before who we believe might well have been Mr Kipling .He must have been out very early as he had already collected four carrier bags full of Blackberries. Not many left for the birds in that area. The scent of Fox hung heavy in the air in the butterfly glade. In the park there is one of our favourite trees an Aspen; why is it our favourite - the Latin name Populus tremula - and the leaves were certainlly trembling in the breeze.
That’s yer lot from Patch 1 – not a lot!
Patch 2 didn’t get an early morning blimp due to torrential rain. It wasn’t overly brilliant at lunchtime. The falling tide had left a bit of beach for a small number of gulls to rest on. A single Great Black Back was the only notable amongst them. Off shore a few Sandwich Terns mooched about searching for fish without any success, going back and forth but no stalls and hovers for a look-see seen. A Gannet broke the horizon and a midget flock of Common Scoters sat on the water to the south. Best were three Grey Seals. Hardly inspiring stuff…and not even any gull pictures for your delectation today.
Hardly worth putting finger to keyboard.
Where to next? Moth trapping tonight…could be good if it stays warm and humid providing the wind doesn’t pick up as forecast.
In the meantime let us know how rubbishy your outback was today.

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Warren Baker said...

some days are like that Dave - in fact a lot of days are like that! Its what makes the good ones so enjoyable :-)