Sunday, 1 August 2010

Picture perfect - well nearly

The Safari hung the Pictures at an Exhibition - - anyone remember Emerson Lake & Palmer (or even Mussorgsky for that matter).

Did take a spirit level but wasn't able to use wonkiness abounds in places.
The 'maestro', David Attenborough-Bailey; or perhaps not!

Didn't get a chance to get into the park but a couple of brief visits to Patch 1 where we found a really young Dunnock and a Brown Hawker which are fairly scarce on the patch. A few whites flitted about on the lawns but the Buddlieas were devoid of butterflies. No time to check the Thistle patch but just a cursory look when passing only gave us bees and hoverflies and a single Holly Blue.
Where to next? National Marine Week has started (you knew that didn't you?) so we could well be on the beach a few times looking for shells, shrimps n stuff.
In the meantime let us know if the spirit level was needed in your outback.


Craig said...

Hi Dave, Ive sent you a question by email.

best wishes,

cliff said...

Well done getting your photos exhibited Dave, how long are they being displayed for? I'll have to try & nip in for a peruse.


Monika said...

Congrats on the photo exhibit! Looks good.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Cliff - its up for the whole of August think the V/C is open wed - Sun 10 - 4. No laughing out loud please.
Need to get back and put a couple of missing ones in - the ghost here has stolen two pics from my cupboard - really bizarre goings on. 12 put in the box on Thursday to take but only 10 in box when reached the V/C noone been in cupboard....spooky....

Thanks Monika - hope the folks here like it..and it encourages them to take an interest in their local wildlife more.