Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The safari has precious little news for you today, last night’s Patch 1 visit gave us ‘BBP’ and there was a plethora of moths at the Golden Triangle – note to self as they say in the movies: must take net and pots. ‘PPEM’ in the torrential rain which, to be honest, we’d rather not have been out in although Frank seemed to be relishing it – dozy mutt!
No Patch 2 visit today, rain far too heavy early on and too busy at lunchtime, when we had to go to the Visitor Centre to hang the missing pictures the Solaris Centre’s ghost seems to have stolen. All pictures for the exhibition were printed off and placed in the box in the correct order for framing and hanging at the park, then the box was put in the ‘cupboard nobody goes in’ behind our desk. But when we got to the Visitor Centre on Sunday morning two pictures were decidedly AWOL. The missing ones were of Chocolate Tube Slime Mould and Gold Spot moth, not really what you would purloin to hang on your sitting room wall; there were others that would suit the domestic situation better.

Anyway, we printed them off again this morning and our colleague, who was watching with interest as each pic appeared from the printer last time, confirmed she had already seen both pics. (So we had printed them once already; we weren’t going doo-lally-tap).
From the printer we carefully walked them back to the office and placed them in the box with a sheaf of plain paper between them to stop them sticking or scratching – so just exactly where did they go? The only possible explanation is the ghost has taken them and hidden them! Wonder if they’ll ever reappear.

Patch 1 this evening gave us the Peregrine and so now we require a new about LAP for Late Afternoon Peregrine?
Under the trees along the 'woodland walk' we found these two rather large Field Mushrooms.
Where to next? More beachy stuff tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know if there are art thieving apparitions at large in your outback.

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cliff said...

That Gold Spot moth is a beauty Dave, glad you managed to print a replacement for your display. As for the Chocolate Tube Slime Mould - well done, I think you've found a type of chocolate there that my missus wouldn't eat.