Sunday, 29 August 2010

Still the wind howls

And still the Safari hasn't taken advantage of it...
The tide this morning was already low and still falling so we thought better of it and decided to give it a miss. Wonder what we missed?...TWO Long Tailed Skuas went past Seaforth on the South-side!?! They certainly aren't on the 'ought to see' or 'might see' lists!
Not much chance of any visits later in the day except for a stroll round an empty Patch 1. A superbly fresh Red Admiral graced the very blustery Base Camp garden mid afternoon.
Where to next? If the wind has dropped and turned northerly as forecast tomorrow morning Chat Alley may well produce the goods, although it is likely to be clear overnight. We won't want to get involved with the stress inducing Holiday traffic so a safari around the nature reserve could well be on the cards.
Sorry no pics today - cameras not seen light of a bright sunny day.
PS - Found out from a mate today that the Penstone Rock is actually known as the Penny Stone from people with horses having to pay a penny to tie their horses to a ring bolted to it. There was also a pub nearby on what is now the beach. This must have been in the 17th or 18th Century, perhaps earlier. Erosion has been an ongoing force along this section of coast - hence our current concrete covered cliffs. Looking straight out to sea you are looking at a lost Viking settlement that was washed away in a storm with the residents managing to evacuate and were ''allowed' to relocate inland at Thistleton.

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