Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Base Camp news

The Safari hasn't ventured far today...had some very good natured tradesmen in fitting new windows - house might actually have some insulative qualities now in time for winter.
we were out on Patch 1 well before sun-up and still very dark; Frank has his hi-vis vest on so we can see where he's at and what he's up to under the bushes rather than as a safety measure.
We were on the Patch so early that only a small number of Robin's had woken up and we couldn't see if there were any Blackbirds hopping about in the shrubbery.
We did see the Peregrine by the light from the street lamps but are fairly certain that it wasn't there at 10.00 last night, maybe it thinks its an owl.
As the dawn broke a couple of Chaffinches were heard at height.
Back at Base Camp the morning developed into a proper summers day with the thermometer reaching a very pleasant 21C! Meadow Pipits and 'alba' Wagtails were heard going over. At one point the gulls kicked up a helluva stink but we couldn't locate the probable raptor.
The sunshine brought a Speckled Wood to the garden where the quality butterfly attractor Ice Plant (Sedum spectabile) was waiting for it...ignored - cheek of it!!!
A Swallow buzzed by and a gang of 11 Magpies noisily clattered about. A flock of nine Goldfinches looked for their favourite tree which they perch in to check if the coast is clear before dropping on to our feeder, but most of the tree is gone and they spent a good while flying round in circles before disappearing over the rooftops - hope this isn't a sign of things to come for the winter.
We spent half an hour in garage sawing firewood and whilst in there spotted a Long Tailed Field Mouse scampering back and forth along the window sill at the far end. Very apt considering our new blog header. He now has a small supply of sunflower hearts to keep him going.
Nothing much else to report, the Water Lilies are still flowering and attracting plenty of bees and hovers and in the front garden there is a Garden Cross Spider big enough to take yer arm off!
Where to next? Back to the seaside.
In the meantime let us know what's scampering around in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

Nothing much visits my sedums either Dave. Probably because of all the birds about :-)