Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Crystal; balls!

The Safari had a short trip to Patch 1 yesterday evening and noted the/a Great Spotted Woodpecker was in residence again after an absence of a few days. So was it the same individual or another ‘just passin through’? We think the latter cos after a couple more ‘chips’ it left the trees and flew high to the south, no sign of it this morning. No sign of much at all!
It was a crystal clear dawn, the mountains to the north and east etched sharp against the pink light from the rising sun; far to crystal clear to bring any night migrants down. The only hint of any ‘vis mig’ was a Pied Wagtail heard going over – shouldn’t that really be called aural mig? Hate to say it be we really could do with some cloud cover…nooooooooooo!!!
At Patch 2 things were as lively as we left them yesterday…out to sea…nothing!…On the beach…no more than 50 gulls and two Oystercatchers.
Way to the south and so technically off the patch there were plenty of gulls and six Cormorants roosting up. Monotony was relieved when a Pied Wagtail (suppose we should label them as albas) went over unseen and a few moments later we watched a Grey Wagtail drop below the level of the sea wall and out of sight as it continued its southerly journey over the beach and dune edge…birding doesn’t get much better than this.
Yesterday some lucky so-n-so got a Honey Buzzard going over just to the north of the nature reserve – now why couldn’t this have passed over when we were there all day the day before – not too much to ask to get something half decent once in a while is it?
The lunchtime session was a bit better with a distant Grey Seal bottling amongst several small scattered flocks of Common Scoters, probably totalling somewhere approaching 300.
Six Sandwich Terns put in an appearance sitting on the beach dodging the day trippers...and not a lot else at all.
Where to next? The Rangers say the Roebuck is still kickin about down at the nature reserve but there was no way we were going to see it on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon, but early Friday morning could be promising.
In the meantime let us know how busy or otherwise your outback has been today.
After yesterday's plethora of pictures there are none today, but the sponge haqs been identified as Breadcrumb Sponge. Apparently it smells of burnt gunpowder...shame we didn't sniff it at the time

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