Saturday, 11 September 2010

A quick blast from Wales

The Safari is back in town after a trip to the ffar fflung Llands of Cymru. The land of dragons.The mountain behind is Cader Idris, the highestr point of which is in the cloud near the righthand edge of the pic. Cader Idris translates as Idris's Chair, Idris being the name of one an early Welsh King.
We are here.

Sat by a giant finger looking east sou-east over the lake to the high ridge. many moons ago I could have nipped up and down that a couple of times in the day...sadly not any more. Would have really liked to have had a good look at the ferocious cwm of Llyn Cau - the 'chair' just east of the summit; the spot height at the summit is 893 m (2,930 ft), at the outfall of the tarn just 1500 feet, so a hole half the height of the mountain has been carved out by ice!

Weather was a feature of our break - we had everything apart from much sunshine - some serious wind some days - we really like the patterns dry sand blowing across the beach makes but much more fun are Frank's ears.

On a much stiller day at the same beach for some bizarre reason we took up pebble balancing for the very first time.

Never managed to get six stones balanced.

Where to next? More scenery and some wildlife news tomorrow along with a much more local safari after a particular target species.

In ther meantime let us know how balanced you are in your outback.


Craig said...

Hi Dave....welcome back, looks like a cracking place you went too.

best wishes,

Monika said...

Welcome home!

Funny little video clip; really captures the blowing sand as well the flopping ears!

I look forward to more photos - looks like a beautiful place.

Amila Kanchana said...

Now that first picture is an absolute breath-taker! Wales must be a very beautiful place!