Monday, 13 September 2010

Not going out in that!

The Safari didn't venture out in the demonic weather today so you'll have to make do with some history.
Here are yesterdays Blackthorn bushes.
And the extemely bitter Sloes we were collecting...they are the ancestors of Damsons.
We ran the risk of being cut off by the tide if had lingered too long stripping the bushes bare.

The rest of the history lesson is yet more Welsh holiday snaps. Here is a typical view of Cader Idris from the cottage.
A very brief interlude in the cloud.
Much of the time it was actually an invisible mountain.
Going up the mountain road to get closer was no better. The yellow flowers in the foreground are Honeysuckle.
On a bit brighter day we did the New Precipice Walk, could do the 'original' one as there were too many stiles Frank wouldn't have been able to get over.

Looking straight acrosss the valley to Cader Idris

Looking straight down to Penmaenpool and the rickety wooden toll bridge.
Looking west down the Mawddach (pronounced Mouthack with a harder th) estuary.

Looking east to the cloud covered tops of the Arans above Llanuwchllyn and Llyn Tegid (aka Bala lake)
Abermaw from the mountain lakes strange hill.

This hill, last pic taken from the turn in the green path at 2 O'clock from the wee boat-house. Before the onset of the hand condition we would have been scrambling a route up and over the 'nose' on the left hand face.
Back at temporary Base Camp here are some oics of the stream at the bottom of the garden.

Looking down the gorge - note the large Ash tree twig fallen across the stream.
We like the hollow ground out by the water swirling stones around.
After a drop (or two) of rain it's persona has changed - note the Ash is now almost totally submerged.
Same place looking downstream. Not a lot of chance of safely getting any further.

Where to next? Might get somewhere near a patch tomorrow.

In the meantime let us know if the weather in your outback put it off limits.

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Amila Kanchana said...

Now that's a great collection of photos, Davo. I love those landscapes!