Sunday, 5 December 2010

Nuthin doin

The Safari hasn't been out on safari today - sadly lacking in wheels, and a lot lighter in the wallet after a new battery for the Land Rover had to be bought - the chap in the spares shop checked his book, checked it again and promptly disappeared into the back storeroom reappearing a minute or so later with a black box that looked like it could be used for jump starting the QE2. Couldn't risk carrying the damn thing across several yards of skating rink to Wifey's waiting car - it weighed at least a ton - so we had to slide it, like a rectangular curling stone minus the guys with the brushes. So we gets it to the Land Rover and discovered that said vehicle isn't quite the QE2 and doesn't warrant a battery that size - now the shop was shut so we'll have to do it all again tomorrow before we can get mobile again.
What all that drivel had to do with wildlife we have no idea, suffice to say we saw very little today, a Pied Wagtail on the pavement in front of ther shops and a few Herring Gulls going over was about the size of it. On the odd occassion we got to check out the garden at Base Camp there was nothing there. The seeds in the feeder haven't one down by much since last weekend suggesting there never is much in the garden - thanks tree murdering neighbours! Are we going to draw a blank for the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch in the New Year? Certainly hope not but wouldn't be surprised especially if this cold spell lasts much longer.
Where to next? A cold dark Patch 1 beckons as does a cold, but lighter, Patch 2.
In the meantime let us know if anyone is trying to jump start the QE2 in your outback.
It surely is a dog's life...
Frank says 'don't call me Shirley!'

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cliff said...

Interesting and a bit worrying re the lack of action at your feeders Dave - ours have been likewise since the harsh weather set in last week.
We were getting up to 4 Greenfinch on a daily basis - but I've not seen one for several days now. Goldfinch numbers recently were well into double figures but for the last few days were just getting 3 or 4. Blue Tit/Coal Tit & Great tit sightings have all become fleeting rather than regular. Given I've got food & water on offer I'd have thought the birds would've been queueing up at the feeders - we are still getting plenty of Starlings & House Sparrows though.

Fingers crossed the missing birds have just relocated rather than perished?