Sunday, 19 December 2010

Useless supermarket

The Safari as expected didn't get further than the/a shop today. What a naff place, full of dweebs over-loading their trolleys with mostly pointless rubbish and that includes us! Worse was to come - after being overcharged to the tune of 20 quid once outside we noticed the major disaster - WOT NO ROWAN TREES!!! This must be the only berry tree free supermarket car park in the world - consequently not a sniff of a Waxwing.
A Tundra Bean Goose was with about 500 Pink Footed Geese in a roadside field less than a mile further on too...isn't hindsight a marvelous thing, by the time we'd turned the puter on it had already turned dark, will we be able to get there though the traffic after work tomorrow?
Where to next? Off to mope!
In the meantime let us know what's in the trolleys in your outback
No pic of any Waxwings today - shoulda gone to Leighton Moss - but you're probably bored witless by them now! So have something summery to brighten these cold dark days up with.

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