Saturday, 4 December 2010

Then came the rain again

The Safari noted the Peregrine was roosting in view last night, but no sign of our Fox although there was more food on his 'table' - good to see someone local is looking out for him.
Early this morning there had been overnight rain landing on the frozen ground and the hill was like an inclined skating rink so before damage was done to life and limb we cut the walk to its bare minimum!
Later in the morning the rain started again and became torrential for a while. Through the bedroom window we saw this Woodpigeon sitting in a puddle on the garage roof. It was laid over on one side facing the driving rain (you might be able to see the streaks running from top left to bottom right) with its wing raised so that the water ran down the underside - almost the pose it might strike if it were anting on a hot day in the summer. We grabbed the camera from downstairs but by the time we got back to the window it was just finishing its ablutions. Probably glad that, despite the rain, it's several degrees warmer and no longer frozen solid, than of late. We share that sentiment as our overly viscous diesel problem might have gone away and all we'll have to contend with is the flat battery.
If you're wondering why we have a load of old bricks on the garage roof, they are to hold down the joins in the many bits of pond liner that keep it water tight, preventing the wind ripping them apart. Couldn't afford to get it re-felted but did have a few offcuts of butyl rubber lying around. One day we might get up there with some soil and create a wildflower roof, also plans for a weather station and rotating 'gunners turret' for vis-mig watching.
Where to next? Under the Woodpigeon to cut some wood - Little Bertha needs feeding!
In the meantime let us know what's striking a pose in your outback.
Might be back later with more news from a soggy Base Camp - you never know yer luck!


Warren Baker said...

Its all turning slushy here too Dave. Rain and wind next I suppose. I dont know whats worse !

Monika said...

That's a great photo Dave. Good luck with the car!