Friday, 18 January 2013

A smattering of tthe wintery stuff

The Safari eagerly awaited the long expected snow. It almost didn't disappoint but only about 1 1/2 inches (4cm) fell

Same vantage point as the sunrise pic the other day - not quite so bright today!
A slippery dash across the prom to have a look at the sea which was pretty pointless as we could hardly see it. A small amount of snow had settled on the sand.
On the way back in we had two Lapwings go over the back of the office, they were only about 50 feet up but we could hardly see them.
The Gorse is almost ready to flower, but then it is that time of year.

Global Warming?
As we walked to the Land Rover to set off for home 3 Redwings (P2 #32) flew southwards overhead. Two seconds into our drive home we had an interesting icy slide so be careful on those slippery side-roads.
Where to next? Wifey is out having fun recording a CD tomorrow so we'll be out with snow-loving Frank trying to find some refugees from inland...what, if anything, will there be?
In the meantime let us know if any Ptarmigans have snuck into your outback.
Late update - Fox while out with Frank and would you believe it...a whole programme about the weather and the snow in particular - it's the UK, it's January therefore it's winter - it snows at this time of year - get over it! How come we can't cope anymore; our school(s) never closed - much as we'd have liked them too.
Could be fun and games in the Land Rover tomorrow, will take the tow rope with us - might earn a few extra bob.

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Anonymous said...

Liking your update Dave :) It`s been snowing for the last 9hrs here...and forecast to continue through the night. Fun & games for Jakki & her bus in the morning !!