Wednesday, 2 January 2013

OK so we twitched a bit

The Safari set off for work on the gloomiest dreariest morning of the year so was awful and once at work a call from our colleague telling us he was going to be late had any thoughts of a Patch 2 safari well and truly out of the window :-(
The rain came down hard an persistently all morning and it barely got light. But after a very late 'lunch' when we quickly shoveled the last of last night's left overs down our gullet we set off a couple of miles down the road on the hunt for the long staying Long Tailed Duck. A quick park up by the lake and a scan gave us a Lesser Black Backed Gull (57) the n we found the duck (58). A Curlew (59) flew over and a little further down the road the high tide had filled the waders bay but two Pied Wagtails (60) flitted about.
Where to next? Africa!
In the meantime watch out for tomorrows post might be a pic or two!


Anonymous said...

"on the gloomiest dreariest morning of the year so far"

Give it a chance Dave...we were only 2 days in :)

Warren Baker said...

It will get better Dave, less than 60 days of winter left now ;-)