Monday, 14 January 2013

No snow

The Safari had a late start on Patch 2 this morning, we had to wait for a lot of cold heavy rain to stop but all last night's snow - not that there was a lot of it - had long gone.
It wasn't that good, nothing at all on the beach apart from a dog walker and a metal detectorists. And precious little on the water only a few Common Scoters were noted.
At lunchtime the sun was out and we enjoyed a very warm ear, shame it wasn't two warm ears but you can't have everything. The sea was very lumpy at the height of the tide making viewing tricky. We made a dubious count of 13 Great Crested Grebes but there could easily have been half as many again, some were sporting their full summer regalia.
Two Red Throated Divers made the notebook as did three Shelducks flying south. Minutes later two flew north, same or different???
The last 'notable' sighting of the day was an Oystercatcher probing around on the back green at work as we sped out at the end of the day.
No sign of the hospital Waxwings on the commute home; we weren't the best vehicle to be stuck behind along that stretch of road!
Where to next? More of the same but no doubt colder.
In the meantime let us know how lumpy your outback was today.

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Anonymous said...

360 Waxwings within spitting distance of me yesterday Dave. Surely they`ve got to find my garden/apples soon !!