Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Almost summery sun at last

The Safari has nearly enjoyed a sunny day today...that wind is still a bit on the cruel side though.
This morning a Heron flew over while we were hanging out the washing out and when out with Frank a pair of Grey Lag Geese came overhead that might have been over Base Camp airspace.
Patch 2 was a dead loss, nothing was on or over the sea as we could see, this is the first day for many months that we didn't see a Common Scoter.
At lunchtime an errand gave us a poor excuse to leg across the moss to see if we could see the Crossbills that appeared a couple of days ago. Two birders were already in place but their faces soon told us they'd had no luck so far
We had a look round most of the other pine trees but they didn't have anything like as many cones as the ones by the pond the Crossers had been favouring. Three Ring Necked Parakeets, a Great Spotted Woodpecker, Sedge Warbler in the light vegetation round the pond, a Whitethroat, a male Blackcap, a silent  Chiffchaff all gave good views. Skylarks were singing in the distance and 3 Buzzards soared overhead. 
The warmth had brought out butterflies for fun including our first Comma of the year - gorgeous out there - oh to be able to stay out.
A slow stroll round Patch 1 with Frank before tea gave us an interesting calling Goldcrest, much harsher than their normal call which had us guessing for a little while til we got on the bird. This was followed by Magpie alarm calls and when we looked round we saw the male Sparrowhawk weaving through the trees carrying a prey item...the female was a few yards behind him calling loudly.

It's a rather special birthday today, might have to treat the Disco to a nice drink of fresh clean engine oil.

Where to next? It's that time of year when anything can happen so we wait with baited breath for anything to happen.
In the meantime let us know what didn't put in an appearance in your outback.

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