Monday, 8 April 2013

Not as good as yesterday

The Safari hit Patch 2 in a returning icy blast. Still offshore but strong enough to chop the sea up quite badly with a bit of swell and lots of white horses.
We did see plenty of Red Throated Divers many now in summer plumage, 11 was the count entered in the notebook but it could have been as many as 15 as they were bobbing around in the waves and diving out of sight too. A few Common Scoters lingered out of effective range and we found three Razorbills, seven Eiders flew north right over the head of a huge bull Grey Seal.
That was about it for the mornning session.
A short lunchtime watch with AH gave us four Kittiwakes going north, two and a third Sandwich Terns and a couple of distant auks of unknown species.
Weirdest sighting of the day was made while out with Frank. A parched Frog skin, totally empty of innards. It has puncture wounds which look consistent with the teeth of a cat.
Where to next? Still that easterly wind blows but will it blow land loving stuff our way or seabirds away from us?
In the meantime let us know what's parched in your outback.

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